Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is among the most common flooring option in industrial and commercial flooring. Apart from being highly versatile, epoxy floor coatings are pretty easy to apply. The coatings also improve the look of concrete floors making them look stunning, shiny and clean. So what is what exactly is epoxy and what makes this flooring option tick?
Epoxy is simply a resin found in the functional epoxide group. It has many other uses aside from being an ideal floor coating option and epoxy systems consisting of two resins are commonly used as adhesive. Epoxy is made of several chemicals with petroleum being the most common. There are however different versions of epoxy made of different materials including plant components.


Epoxy can be broadly categorized into two. These include;
– Water based versions
– 100% solid

Standard epoxy colors
The water based epoxy versions are in most cases used in low traffic area. They are easy to apply and anyone with no experience whatsoever in floor coating application can successful use them. The 100% solid versions on the other hand are preferred for high traffic areas as it has higher bonding characteristics and is resistant to most chemicals. The 100% solid versions are also ideal for thick applications such as shop floors and resurfacing among other applications. The application process for this version is a bit technical and unlike the water based versions, they require some level of expertise when it comes to application.
In United States, epoxy floor coatings are used on concrete floors for many reasons. Top amongst these reason is that the coating can transform a boring concrete floor into an attractive piece making it ideal for establishments such as hotels and stores that require durable floors but still want attractive floors that are in sync with the different establishments’ requirements where style is concerned. Epoxy floor coatings can be stenciled with all types of designs and can be customized to suit different users’ requirements. Epoxy floors coatings are also durable and relatively cheap hence they are affordable to most people. If you are looking for a service like then you should check out this Atlanta commercial epoxy flooring contractor.
Epoxy floor coatings require minimal care to maintain their quality. Daily mopping is all it takes to keep the floors looking clean and to preserve the coating’s quality. Even though the coating may start to wear after continuous use especially in high traffic areas, another epoxy coat will often do the trick and leave the floors looking as good as new. Polished concrete floors, however, rarely need replacement and will stay functional and beautiful for many years.